Recognised Store

Recognised is the go-to brand to support a cause you care about. Combining great design, quality and philanthropy, the Recognised concept is simple - jewellery can look good and do good. Through their Statement Popons® - motifs designed to bring solidarity and spark conversations around some of the biggest issues we face today, Recognised is occupying a new and exciting space where fashion and philanthropy meet to help people support the causes they care about.


Since launching in October 2018, Recognised has partnered with 4 leading charities, raising awareness of two incredible causes; Modern Slavery and Mental Health Awareness. Their Popons are fast becoming symbols of solidarity in London and helping fuel the work of their incredible partner organisations, with 100% of profits from every Popon sold donated.


Co-founders, Anneka and Joel invite you to wear what you care about and join the movement of people using fashion for good and to spark change.