"A heart-warming antidote to pretty much everything"

Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2019

"As unique as it is spellbinding.... delivered with an infectious enthusiasm"

Jeffery Taylor, Sunday Express 2019

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"An uplifting and thrilling experience, which sent me home with a spring in my step and stirring songs on auto-repeat in my head."

Graham Watts, Dance Tabs 2019

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    "A fully deserved standing ovation following their amazing performance. INALA brings abundance of brilliance. "

    Joel Campbell, The Voice 2019

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      "There is so much joy on stage. There is an abundance of good will on both sides of the footlights."

      Robert Tanitch, Mature Times 2019

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        "INALA is a fiesta, a fusion of multicultural rhythm, sound and movement, alongside musicians with skylark voices that sing from the rafters."

        Rachel Nouchi, British Theatre Guide 2019

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        "Inala is a joyful show, a perfect example of true diversity. A standing ovation well deserved"

        London Theatre Reviews 2019

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        "Mark Baldwin's glorious 'zulu ballet' is back – and it's even better than before"

        Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2015

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        "A tingling magic that conjures up the hot sun over vast South African plains..."

        Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard 2015

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        "A dynamic marriage of contemporary dance and choral music."

        Judith Mackrell, The Guardian 2014

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        "[LBM's] voices soaring out as never before is a thing of stirring beauty."

        Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph 2014

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        "Tremendous feel-good energy. An abundantly life-affirming show."

        Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland

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        "Warm hearted and entertaining. The singing is irresistible."

        Lindsey Winship, Evening Standard

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        "It’s at once a high-end ballet production, a live concert and a tenderly affecting performance of stunning, contemporary South African vocal music."

        David Pollock, The Independent

        "Visually impressive. An ambitious, exciting collaboration and a visual treat."

        Barbara Bryan, Edinburgh Guide

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        "Ladysmith Black Mambazo treated a vociferous EIF audience to their exquisite, ebullient vocal art."

        Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman

        "A perfect example of what can be achieved in art when a great idea and some of the finest talent come together on a production."

        Antoinette Thirgood, The Mumble

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